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Arena Bar TTDI’s First Anniversary Party Presented by The Macallan



We were recently invited to Arena Bar TTDI’s 1st Anniversary Party on 5 April 2018 which was presented by The Macallan. The Macallan single malt whiskies are made with exceptional oak casks that are the single greatest contributor to the outstanding quality, natural colours and distinctive aromas and flavours of The Macallan. Unmatched and peerless, it is perfect for a chilled night at home, drinks with friends at the bar, or a happening party in a club!



At the event, we enjoyed the Macallan Double Cask and Fine Oak variants which are part of the Trilogy (which you can read more about here –

Our influencers enjoyed the Macallan Fine Oak which is a lighter style Macallan with the addition of American oak bourbon seasoned barrels which imparts aromas and flavours slightly drier and more oaky than the American oak sherry casks. As such, there are more pronounced aromas and flavours of citrus, vanilla, and coconut, coupled with the lighter colour and sweetness associated with American oak.

On the other hand, the Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old is a single malt that tells a journey; a story that brings together two different worlds. Bringing new oak from America across the seas to Spain, the casks are crafted and seasoned with sherry before making its way back to their distillery in Scotland and left to mature for at least 12 years before harmoniously blending them with the very best sherry-seasoned European Oak Casks.

The Macallan Double Cask is beautifully balanced expression containing flavour profiles of the Macallan Fine Oak and Macallan Sherry Cask! It is creamy and oily on the palate (due to Macallan’s short stills) yet beautifully balanced with spice and oak to make you keep wanting to drink this to uncover more and more flavours! Not a hugely complex whisky but one that can be enjoyed and appreciated without the haughtiness that sometimes comes with older/ more pricey labels.

If you purchase a Macallan package in Arena Bar, it comes with a special presentation with the bottles delivered to you and displayed in a unique rotating case!



For more info on The Macallan, head over to


Arena Bar TTDI is located at:

R1, Level 13, Menara Ken TTDI,

Jalan Helmi Burhanuddin,

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,

60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Telephone: +60 11-2324 7279



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