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“Writing, reviewing food, drinks, lifestyle and culinary fashion trends is in Tim’s blood.  He loves it, he lives through it.  He understands his subject matter, and is able to relate.  Tim is a fair reviewer and is always willing to support and cooperate. He manages a group of influencers who, together with him, gives their views to their followers on social media, their fair share of hunger for places to visit to enjoy a great meal, equally great drinks or a great product to purchase!”

Christian Nannucci – General Manager, Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur

“Highly conscious of the digital shift in consumer behaviour, Tim is knowledgeable in how he pens his reviews and strategizes his content to achieve high SEO rankings. This is definitely an important value add for us as service providers because Tim’s reviews attract just the right audience to his page, which ultimately benefit us in many ways possible.”

Lai Yen Yee – Director of Marketing & Communications, Westin Kuala Lumpur


“We have been working with Tim Chew for almost eight (8) years now. If you want your brand to have a strong digital presence, and to stand out from the crowd, Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers (Ed – now rebranded as MHB Digital) is the best. He always delivers. It’s not just what he can do, but the fact that he always goes above and beyond. Simply said, if you need a brand guru or cost-effective digital/ influencer marketing, Tim Chew and Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers is the only one solution you need.”

Ryan Ho – CEO of Malaya Optical

“It was great partnership with Tim Chew and MHB Digital for our recent events. Their services provide us great exposures by the well-known KOLs for better brand awareness to the public. MHB Digital carefully selects the suitable KOLs to work with our brand which is great. We look forward to working with Tim and MHB Digital again in the new future.”

Nicholle Liew – Marketing Manager of Canmake Malaysia

“Our choice of working with MHB to promote our salons and services was one of our most successful strategic partnerships, providing us with a lot of digital/ social media exposure by popular and established bloggers, KOLs and influencers.”

Gibson Loong – Director – Shawn Cutler

“Been working with Tim and MHB Digital on numerous occasions; he is one talented and professional individual who provides his clients with the best possible digital solutions. Experienced with strong digital/ online strategies, Tim definitely the right person for any brand which aims for a better market presence or aiming to increase revenue.”

Synthia Kek – Marketing & Communications Manager, Berjaya Times Square Hotel

“I am usually sceptical about the impact of blogs and social media, however I tried using MHB Digital to see by myself. To my surprise, the results achieved from the review of our weekend brunch published by Tim Chew (http://timchew.net) and the subsequent boosting of the feature on social media managed to change my mind on that as we could see a positive impact on our business immediately. Brunch was new for us and the first few weeks not many knew about it. Tim managed to pull in a crowd that did not know about us or our new menu. Since then, it has been popular and we gained a lot from that credible publicity. I will definitely look for Tim Chew for any new menu, promotion or concept that we will launch!”

Rui-Yang Monico – Restaurateur – Cocott’

“A big thanks to Tim for coming to our new premise, as soon as his review was out, we had a significant increase of traffic in our restaurant, calling and booking saying they have seen his post online. His review was really complete with details and great pictures too.”

Florian Nigen – Restaurateur – Chez Gaston by Rendez-Vous, and Rendez-Vous Bangsar

“Tim Chew has been ahead of the branding game for awhile now. He was one of the first few people I know who spotted how important influencer marketing was a few years ago and how big it will become one day. Today, influencer marketing is one of the best ways to build your brand and get your business known to consumers. MHB Digital is his brainchild and it has helped many brands elevate their business.”

Hansjeet Gill – Restaurateur – Tiki Taka

MHB Digital also collaborates with brands through strategic partnerships which ensures a win-win situation for all parties involved!

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MHB Digital organises our own social media influencer/ blogger gatherings a few times a year. These events, which range from high-tea at five-star hotels, to fine dining dinners at a rooftop restaurant, are very cost-effective ways for brands to engage influencers to promote their products or services.

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Not only does MHB Digital assist global and established local brands with cost-effective, affordable, and engaging digital and influencer marketing, but we also do our bit to help local SMEs who don’t have a huge advertising budget to spend.

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MHB Digital is often invited to events by many brands including luxury brands such as Hermes, Dior, Versace and more!

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