We offer a variety of digital marketing services that suits various budgets, from large campaigns for global brands like Carlsberg, Sony, Panasonic, Leica, Lenovo, Casio, Olympus, Haagen Dazs, and more, to local corporations and SMEs such as Poh Kong, MRCB, EcoWorld, 1Utama, Atria Shopping Centre, and even independent business owners!

Facebook Page/ Instagram Management

An experienced agency knows how to many your social media accounts to maintain your brand’s professionalism as well as craft content that is relevant and engaging to followers/ fans.

Professional Live Streaming

Live streaming on e-commerce (Lazada/ Shopee) or social media (Facebook/ Instagram) allows your brand to interact directly with the audience, answering and addressing their queries and concerns in real time. Conversion from live streaming is instant and can be phenomenally high compared to other marketing channels.

Social Media Influencers

Leverage on the tremendous reach of social media influencers with an experienced digital agency who knows how to craft and curate the content thus ensuring the maximum effectiveness of your project/ campaign’s budget. We only work with reliable and responsible social media influencers, who have real followers, and industry standard engagement rates. Furthermore, we will only recommend influencers match your brand’s image and standing, and are suitable to highlight your brand in an effective and classy manner.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is important as consumers are looking for some confidence and assurance before purchasing products. Having credible blogs/ websites highlight your products/ services without over-selling or exaggerating is crucial.

Social Media Marketing

We assist brands with effective social media marketing on Instagram and Facebook.

Digital Campaign Planning

A digital campaign is more effective when an experienced agency charts the course for you – ensuring publicity on the correct platforms for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Highlighting your brand through digital media will benefit from a sound digital marketing strategy and we are here to assist with exactly that!

Digital/ Social Media Marketing Audit

Digital and social media marketing is the most cost-effective advertising platform currently in existence. Yet few brands/ businesses actually know how to fully utilise it in an effective manner. Let us help you identify which areas your brand is lacking, and which are your strengths which you should focus on. An effective marketing strategy starts with knowing where you stand before you determine which direction to proceed.

Celebrity/ Key Opinion Leader Appearances

We provide celebrities/ key opinion leaders to add some glamour to your event!

Master of Ceremony/ Event Host

We provide experienced and professional Master of Ceremony/ Event Hosts for your events.

Photography by Andy Kho Photography (www.andykho.com)

Photography by one of the top photographers in the country who has worked with a myriad of reputable corporate brands as well as SMEs and publications.

For more info, contact us at mhb@mhbdigital.com