MHB’s November Babies Birthday Dinner at ANTE 1 Utama Shopping Centre

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We decided to have an intimate gathering to celebrate our November babies’ birthdays which included Choo Mei Sze, Kelly Lee and our Managing Editor Tim Chew, and Ante in 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya very generously hosted us for a little dinner party.

Ante is a really popular addition to the host of food and beverage options at 1 Utama Shopping Centre as they bring modern Western style dining featuring a whole host of pork dishes. The outlet is tremendously popular among the Damansara/ Petaling Jaya folk, and is bustling during dinner and weekends.


Glenlivet were nice enough to sponsor some single malt whisky to go with the celebration
Glenlivet were nice enough to sponsor some single malt whisky to go with the celebration


Loccitane too generously sponsored some products for not only the November babies but all the guests at our little dinner.

While Ante prepared an amazing spread for us!


Tasting Platter

A platter serving for 2 -3 persons, it has smoked duck cubes, Iberico ham, Spanish white ham, olive oil infused rock melon served with ricotta cheese & thyme and toasted sourdough slices with French butter.

This dish is great for sharing over some drinks with the savoury flavours complementing beers or wines. Also great if you have not tasted these items before as it gives you a little taste of some of their signature items.


Pumpkin Veloute

Roasted pumpkin and herbs served with garlic toast

A very heartwarming soup which is rich in flavour and went perfectly with the crusty garlic toast.


House Smoked Bacon

3 slices of ANTE’s own house smoked bacon served with seeded mustard

This one is heaven for any bacon lover. The smoky flavours very evident while the meat was wonderfully flavourful. A must order dish at ANTE!


Jamon Iberico

A single portion of selected Iberico ham slices with extra virgin olive oil infused rock melons, garnished with ricotta cheese and thyme.

More Jamon Iberico ham for us as it was just so lovely! The savoury taste was nicely balanced out by the melons and cheese.


Miso Pork Belly

Succulent pork belly cubes served with Japanese miso based sauce and topped with a crispy herbed crust

When they say succulent they really mean it and it totally was just that! Beautiful and melt in the mouth with a depth of flavours coming from the miso and herbed crust. A must order dish for any pork lover.

And because it was so good we just had to share another photo of it!
And because it was so good we just had to share another photo of it!


Garden Duck Salad

A salad made of lettuce, grilled watermelon, smoked duck slices and pecans nuts dressed with tangy orange brandy reduction

Something slightly healthier so we wouldn’t feel so guilty about the meal. The smoked duck slices balanced out the taste of the greens while the orange brandy reduction balanced out the whole dish.


Char Grilled Pork Shoulder Steak

The shoulder cut with the best marbling of fat to dark meat ratio that gives a burst of flavor with each bit, served with creamy mashed potatoes, green salad & rosemary sauce.

The highlight of our dinner – the pork steaks!

A tender and flavourful cut of pork that went beautifully with the rosemary sauce.


Char grilled Pork Ribeye Steak

The rib eye cut that has the best of both worlds, offering lean white meat and dark meat. Served with roasted potatoes, green salad and truffle butter sauce.

The truffle butter sauce added a richness and fragrance to this steak, making it very appetising indeed!


Pork Diane

The striploin cut, served ala Diane style, which comprises of roasted potatoes, green pea mash and Diane sauce which is made from cream, brandy & mushrooms.

This was our favourite as it was just such a hearty dish! The sauce went with everything – the roasted potatoes, green pea mash and of course the striploin. Our recommendation? Ask for extra sauce as you won’t be able to get enough of it!


Char grilled Black Pepper Striploin

A striploin cut which is almost entirely lean meat cooked tender over a charcoal grill, served with an aromatic black pepper sauce, french fries & green salad.

This one comes with black pepper sauce which is a Malaysian favourite. Even though the cut was pretty lean, the meat was still juicy and tender while the fries were nice and crispy!


Charsiu Curry Cream Pasta

A spicy & creamy pairing of curry and char siu brings together a combination of spicy and sweet with a very soft and melt in your mouth char siu.

A terrible sinful yet amazingly delicious dish. However as it’s pretty rich you might want to share this one.



A white cream based pasta dish served using linguine pasta with bacon and parmesan cheese

Another very sinful pasta dish and as with the char sie pasta above, we recommend that you share this one as it’s pretty rich!


Valrhona Chocolate Delice

– ANTE’s signature dessert, a chocolate slice made from Valrhona Dark Chocolate, rich and smooth, it has a feuilletine base for a crispy bite and served with Earl Grey tea cream and fresh fruits

No girl can say no to this decadent rich dark chocolate dessert!



Apple Crumble

A comforting dessert with a crumbly top and base holding a warm sweet & tangy center of cooked apples. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and salted caramel syrup.


Crème brûlée

A smooth and silky vanilla custard served in a glass jar topped with a crunchy sugar coating of caramel torched ala minute

Our girls loved this one as it was creamy and elegantly served in a little jar.


Just look at that fabulous spread!
Just look at that fabulous spread!
Many thanks for hosting us ANTE!


We can see why ANTE is so popular with diners as their food is scrumptious while there are also good happy hour draught beer and bucket packages on offer making this an ideal choice for a family dinner, happy hours session, and casual dining.


ANTE at 1 UTAMA SHOPPING CENTRE is located at:


1 Utama Shopping Centre,

1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,

Bandar Utama,

47800 Petaling Jaya,

Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.


Opening hours :

Mon-Thu :  10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Fri-Sat :  10:00 am – 10:30 pm

Sun :  10:00 am – 10:00 pm


TEL : +60377325204




Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography (


Us with Kevin of ANTE
Us with Kevin of ANTE

By Tim Chew

Managing Editor and Founder of MHB Digital -

More than 15 years of media, marketing, and management experience with various media owners and publishers.

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